NPC 2016 - Nuclear Phaseout Congress

Öppet (open) / slutet (closed): 
Mon 21 Mar 2016
Zurich, Switzerland


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The congress is to discuss the global development of nuclear energy, the risks posed by aging reactors and the challenges faced by the nuclear supervisory authorities, those within the political sphere and society as a whole.

Thirty years after the catastrophe in Chernobyl and five years after the tragic events in Fukushima, Switzerland is on course to withdraw from the nuclear energy programme. However, to date those in politics have neglected to establish the end of life of the five old Swiss reactors by means of fixed shutdown dates. The credo goes, “nuclear power stations can run for as long as they are safe”. This lack of clarity suits the operators, but only at the expense of safety. Reactor aging and timely decommissioning are points of focus in many countries. The global inventory of nuclear power stations is decreasing, and the pressure to keep them operational for as long as possible is increasing. Particular demands are being placed on Switzerland, home to the world’s oldest fleet of nuclear power stations and a country under international observation.

Target groups
Decision-makers and representatives from administration and politics in the field of power and nuclear industry, SES members and those generally interested in and committed to environmental, energy-related and socio-political issues.


  • Naoto Kan, former Japanese Prime Minister
  • Jürgen Trittin, Member of the Bundestag, German Federal Minister for the Environment (1998-2005)
  • Gregory Jaczko, former Chairman of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Hans Wanner, Head of the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI
  • Oda Becker, Physicist
  • Yves Marignac, World Information Service on Energy (WISE) Paris
  • Mycle Schneider, Independent Energy Consultant
  • Simone Mohr, Senior Researcher Nuclear Technology, Ökoinstitut Darmstadt
  • Horst-Michael Prasser, Professor ETH nuclear energy
  • Beat Bechtold, Director Nuklearforum Switzerland