Workshop: Information and memory for future decision making - radioactive waste and beyond

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Tue 21 May 2019 - Thu 23 May 2019

See also "Other Information" below.

Source (30 January 2019), Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste - Kärnavfallsrådet:

It is a workshop for invited participants on preserving information and memory over centuries and millennia in the context of sustainable development and the future human environment.

Date: 21–23 May, 2019
Venue: Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, Stockholm

The workshop is co-hosted by:
• Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste (Kärnavfallsrådet)
• Linnaeus University
• National Archives of Sweden (Riksarkivet)

The Organizing Committee also includes members from the following Swedish entities
• Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)
• Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company (SKB)
• Östhammar Municipality
• Oskarshamn Municipality
• Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review (MKG)
• Stockholm University

Other Information
(not from the Swedish National Council for Nuclear Waste - Kärnavfallsrådet)

Selected texts by Gordon Edwards on rolling stewardship

1. Submission to US NRC regarding Yucca Mountain

2. Four page leaflet on Rolling Stewardship

3. Transcript of oral testimony on Deep Geological Repository
for Ontario’s Low and Intermediate Level Waste

4. Undertaking to find examples of Rolling Stewardship

5. Nuclear Waste Governance in Canada


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