Water Corrodes Copper

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Se också: "Ny vetenskaplig artikel från KTH-forskare om kopparkorrosion i syrefri miljö" på http://www.mkg.se/index.php?id=news266


• There is an evolution of hydrogen in reaction with copper metal in liquid water at room-temperature which
is evidence for corrosion of copper by water. This hydrogen evolution takes place up to a pressure which
greatly exceeds the hydrogen pressure in air.
• Early experimental results, favoured hydroxide formation, and our first principles simulations concerning
copper stability are consistent with our present experimental results which involves catalytic properties of a
copper hydroxide.
• Contrary to the accepted view, pure water does indeed corrode copper.
• By linking together exposures with widely varying durations of copper to liquid water without or negligible
O2, a realistic extrapolation is made to predict that more than 1 m thickness of copper is required for a
100,000 year lifetime at room-temperature.

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