Submission in the public consultation on the IGD-TP Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) Version December 23, 2010

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See attached PDF (235 KB).

Also attached:
Greenpeace IGD-TP Participation form, 6 January 2010
(PDF, 160 kB).
Letter of acceptance from the IGD-TP, undated (PDF, 393 KB).
Greenpeace letter of withdrawl from the IGD-TP, 22 February 2012 (PDF, 80 KB).

See also: Goldstick Miles.  2012-03-29.  Report from the InSOTEC Stakeholder Seminar, Barcelona, 21-22 March 2012. Nuclear Waste News Nr. 1/2012.

For information on the Implementing Geological Disposal - Technology Platform (IGD-TP) see

See also: International Socio-Technical Challenges for implementing geological disposal - InSOTEC (

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