Instructions for Using the Archive

By default, the /archive page will list all of the entries in the database sorted by year in descending order. To sort by "Title," "Type" or "Author" click on the appropriate links at the top of the page. To reverse the sort order, click the link a second time.

Filtering Search Results

Please note: some pages will not load until after the "Clear All Filters" link is clicked on.

If you wish to filter the results, click on the "Filter" tab at the top of the page. To add a filter, click the radio button to the left of the filter type you wish to apply, then select the filter criteria from the drop down list on the right, then click the filter button.

It is possible to create complex filters by returning to the "Filter" tab and adding additional filters. Simply follow the steps outlined above and press the "Refine" button. All filters can be removed by clicking the "Clear All Filters" link at the top of the result page, or on the "Filter" tab they can be removed one at a time using the "Undo" button, or you can remove them all using the "Clear All" button.You may also construct URLs which filter. For example, /archive/year/2005 will show all of the entries for 2005 and /archive/year/2005/author/smith will show all of entries from 2005 for smith.

Example URL Contstructions (not case sensitive, i.e. capital or small letters may be used)

To filter by year:

To filter by author:

First names and acronyms may be used, as well as spaces and foreigen characters in the URL though they are not present in the list of authors on the Filter page, e.g. för säker slutförvaring

To filter by language (English or Svenska):

To filter by keyword:

To free text search: power
(Note: spaces may be used in the text being searched.)