Appeal by Health Professionals for the Independence of W.H.O.

Independence for W.H.O.

December 2007. Source:


The APPEAL BY HEALTH PROFESSIONALS FOR THE INDEPENDENCE OF W.H.O. was launched in Geneva on Friday 30th November 2007 by Health professionals, with representatives from all the main branches of the profession, equal numbers of men and women, and at least one representative from each continent. They urge that the World Health Organisation, in accordance with its constitution, recover its full independence, notably in the field of ionising radiation.

They request that the revision of the WHO /IAEA Agreement (WHA 12.40), dated May 28, 1959) be put on the agenda of the next World Health Assembly in May 2008, so that WHO can “act as the directing and coordinating authority on international health work”, “promote and conduct research”, and “provide information, counsel and assistance in the field of health”[Articles 2 a, n and q of the WHO Constitution] including in the area of ionising radiation and the health consequences of Chernobyl.

It is urgent to study the health effects of chronic low dose radiation resulting from prolonged ingestion of artificial radionuclides, so that adequate and effective health assistance can at last be provided to exposed populations still living in highly contaminated areas. Medical assistance must be coordinated independently by the WHO, which is the international health authority.

The Appeal also aims to enlighten and inform all health professionals worldwide about the true health consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe in highly contaminated areas.


· Fran Baum, Prof. Dept of Public Health, Flinders Univ. Co-Dir. People’s Health Movement (Australia)
· Susanna Beretta-Piccoli, Pharmacist, Federal Diploma, Federation of Swiss Pharmacist (Switzerland)
· Rosalie Bertell, Ph.D, Epidemiologist, Past Pres. Int. Instit. Concern for Public Health, Regent Int. Physicians for Humanitarian Medecine Geneva, International Science Oversight Committee, Ass. of Organic Consumers (USA)
· Elena. B. Bourlakova, MD. Prof. Semenov Inst. of Clinical Physics, Acad. of Sciences, Moscow. (Russian Fed.)
· Christelle Braconnot, Nurse, French Diploma (France)
· Marina Carobbio, MD. Member of Parliament (Switzerland)
· Blanche Dubois, Nurse, French Diploma (France)
· Lena-Marie Glaubitz, Medical Student (Germany)
· Liliane Maury Pasquier, Midwife, Senator (Switzerland)
· Maria Roth-Bernasconi, Nurse, Member of Parliament (Switzerland)
· Youri. I. Bandajevsky, MD. Prof, ex-Rector, Faculty of Medicine, Gomel (Belarus)
· Abraham Behar, MD, Pres. As.Française Médecins Prévention Guerre Nucléaire, Past Pres. IPPNW Europe (France)
· Chris Busby, Epidemiologist, Scientific Secretary, European Committee on Radiation Risk, (United Kingdom)
· Denis Fauconnier, MD. General Practitioner, Corsica (France)
· Michel Fernex, MD, Prof. Emeritus, Faculty of Medicine, Basel, Pres. Enfants Tchernobyl Bélarus (France)
· Pierre Flor-Henry, MD, Prof, Dir. Psychiatric Services for Adults, Hospital of Alberta (Canada)
· Claudio Knüesli, MD, Oncologist, Pres. PSR/ IPPNW Switzerland (Switzerland)
· Andreas Nidecker, MD., Prof. Radiology, Faculty of Medicine, Basel (Switzerland)
· Claudio Schuftan, MD. Int. Public Health Consultant for WHO, UNICEF, EC. Co-Dir, PHM (Vietnam)
· Hani Serag, MD, Public Health Researcher, International Coordinator, People’s Health Movement (Egypt)
· Joël Spiroux, MD, Environmental Health Expert, Union Rég. médecins libéraux, Hte Normandie (France)





1. Preferably, download the text (PDF, 1.35 MB), sign it, and send it to:

Independence for the WHO
Philippe de Rougemont,
71 rue Liotard, 1203 Geneva

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