Statement on Olkiluoto 4 - Number 6811/815/2008

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Jorma Aurela, Senior Engineer

Statement on Olkiluoto 4           Number 6811/815/2008

Please be advised that it is complete biological, social and economic madness to continue building new nuclear reactors.

Please be advised that a nuclear reactor is extremely inefficient, with two thirds of fuel energy going to waste and warming the sea.

Please be advised that it has never been easier to do without nuclear power by using electricity more efficiently.

Please be advised that money spent on nuclear power plants could be put to so much better use by funnelling it into energy efficiency and the development of alternative sources of energy, solar, wind, wave energy.

Please be advised that the public does not in any way want public funds to finance a deadly industry.

Please be advised that the public does not want radioactivity spread into air and waters by unnecessary and costly nuclear power plants.

Please be advised that there is no safe method to take care of spent nuclear fuel. And the unsafe methods are extremely expensive.

Please be advised that every new reactor increases the risk for illegal proliferation of nuclear arms and terrorist activity.

Stockholm April 27, 2008
The Swedish Environmental Movement’s Nuclear Waste Secretariat

Enclosed: “Reasonable Doubt” by Ian Fairlie, New Scientist, 26 April 2008

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