The Sacrifice (Film about clean up after the 1986 Chernobyl accident, 24 mins.)

The Sacrifice is online at (with English sub-titles):

Produced by Emanuela Andreoli and Wladimir Tchertkoff, Feldat Film, 6945 Origilo. Switzerland. Filmed in The Ukraine. 2003. English subtitles, 24 minutes.
Emanuela Andreoli (1960) has worked as an editor for the Italian Swiss Television since 1979. She founded the production company Feldat Film in 2000. Among her works we may mention Philosophes Guerriers de Yeumbeul (2001).
Wladimir Tchertkoff (1935) was born in Serbia. He is a journalist and has directed over 60 documentaries, among which Nous de Chernobyl (1991).
During the night of 26 April 1986 and in the following months, one million people – called liquidators – were sent to cover up the reactor of Chernobyl nuclear power station with a ‘sarcofagus’ and try to limit the consequences of the catastrophy. If the nucleus had not been under control by the 8th May, there would have been an atomic explosion that would have made Europe impossible to live in. The target was achieved on the 6th May but who now remembers the sacrifice of those men?
See also: Nuclear Controversies (Film on the the health effects of the 1986 Chernobyl accident, 51 mins.)
Nella notte del 26 aprile 1986 e nei mesi successivi, un milione di uomini – chiamati liquidatori – furono inviati a coprire con un “sarcofago” il reattore della centrale nucleare di Chernobyl e a cercare di limitare le conseguenze della catastrofe. Se l’8 maggio il nucleo non fosse stato sotto controllo, si sarebbe innescata un’esplosione atomica che avrebbe reso inabitabile l’Europa. Il 6 maggio l’obiettivo era raggiunto, ma ora chi si ricorda del sacrifi cio di quegli uomini?
Emanuela Andreoli (1960) dal 1979 lavora come montatrice per la Televisione della Svizzera Italiana. Nel 2000 ha fondato la casa di produzione Feldat Film. Tra i suoi lavori Philosophes Guerriers de Yeumbeul (2001).
Wladimir Tchertkoff (1935) è nato in Serbia. Giornalista, ha diretto più di sessanta documentari, tra cui Nous de Chernobyl (1991).


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