Diane D´Arrigo

Diane D'ArrigoDiane D'Arrigo. Radioactive Waste Project Director, Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS), USA.

Topic: Recycling Nuclear Waste.
Date: Friday 27 April 2007, 16:45-17:15.
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Topic: (Panel) The Environmental Consequences of Final Storage Schemes
Date: Saturday 28 April 2007, 12:00-13:00.
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Contact information:
Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS),
6930 Carroll Avenue, Suite 340, Takoma Park, MD 20912, USA.
Telephone: 301-270-NIRS (301-270-6477).
Fax: 301-270-4291.
E-mail: dianed (@) nirs.org
Website: www.nirs.org

Biographical Notes

Diane's main area of expertise is radioactive waste and radiation issues. She has closely followed so-called "low-level" nuclear waste issues for decades, the national and international moves to deregulate nuclear waste that would allow it to be made into everyday household items and be dumped as regular trash. She has been with NIRS since 1986, has a degree in chemistry and environmental studies, and has work experience in analytical chemistry and biological research.