David Lowry

David LowryDavid Lowry, Independent Research Consultant on EU Nuclear and Environment Policy, UK.

Topic: Decommissioning.
Date: Saturday 28 April 2007, 09:00-09:30
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Contact information:
45 Clandon Close Stoneleigh,
Surrey KT17 2NH England
Tel. + 44-208 393 4679
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Biographical Notes

David Lowry works as independent research consultant with specialist knowledge of UK and EU nuclear & environment policy.

Since 1992, David Lowry has prepared over 5,000 parliamentary questions for UK MPs and MEPs, drafted motions for resolution, speeches and articles on their behalf, suggested amendments to Euro-Parliament reports and researched, drafted and steered through to successful European Parliament Plenary Assembly endorsement two committee reports. Up to the 1997 UK General Election David Lowry acted as policy adviser and researcher for former UK environment minister Michael Meacher MP (when he was shadow Secretary of State for Environmental Protection). This consulting activity included the drafting of six policy reports upon which action was subsequently taken in Government. In 2000-01 he was a co-author of a major report on the environmental and health implication of nuclear reprocessing at La Hague & Sellafield for the Science & Technology Options Assessment (STOA) programme of the European Parliament (2000-01), acted as a contributing editor of Plutonium Investigation (www.pu-investigation.org 1999-00) and contributed to an international scientific and policy study project on plutonium fuel (International MOX Assessment IMA Project 1995-97).

David Lowry has broad experience in both lobbying & briefing the media as well as in preparing and presenting multimedia lectures and giving oral or written testimony to a wide array of audiences including academic fora, groups of politicians of several parties, European and UK Parliamentary Select Committees, pressure groups and public inquiries. He has lectured for several summers on Energy at an MSc course at Reading University, an MBA course for BNFL middle managers at Lancaster University and conducted interview research in France, Germany and Japan for an ESRC sponsored research project on global environmental change for the Open University.

David Lowry was awarded a PhD on nuclear decision making by the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK) in 1987. He previously studied at the State University of New York (1978-79) and the London School of Economics, London University (1975-78).

In 2001 he was presented with a special award for education at the Nuclear Free Future Foundation annual awards and the UK Campaign for Freedom of Information 1995 Award in the politics category (jointly with Llew Smith MP) for the most effective and persistent campaign of parliamentary probing through the use of parliamentary questioning on civil and military nuclear issues. Since 1980, David Lowry has published a large number of specialist and populist articles (together with many letters to the editor in local and national press), in a range of magazines. These have appeared in, inter alia, Futures, Public Administration, Science, Nature, New Scientist, Economist, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, New Statesman, Nuclear Engineering International, Africa Now, Third World Quarterly and newspapers like the Asahi Weekly, Observer, Sunday Times, The Times, Financial Times, Independent, Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, London Evening Standard, International Herald Tribune, The San Francisco Examiner and The New York Times.

He is a contributing author to a book on British energy choices, “Nuclear or Not?” published in February 2007 by Palgrave Macmillan.