Coping With Nuclear Waste, Stockholm 27-29 April 2007

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Invitation to attend the International “Coping with Nuclear Waste” Conference, Stockholm. On 27 and 28 April the conference will be held at Piperska muren, Scheelegatan 14, about 10 minutes walking distance from the Central Train Station (see map below). The follow-up NGO strategy meeting on 29 April from 10:00 - 14:00 will be held at ABF-huset, Sveavägen 41 Fabiansalen, T-Rådmansgatan (see map below). The conference language is English.

The Swedish NGO Nuclear Waste Secretariat (MILKAS) is hosting this international conference on nuclear waste problems throughout the nuclear fuel chain. An overall perspective on nuclear waste is urgently needed, from the enormous quantity of waste produced by uranium mining to the final storage of spent nuclear fuel.

What is considered nuclear waste? Is it only what has to be hidden and preferably forgotten, as the high-level spent nuclear fuel? Where are there discharges of ionizing radiation to the air and water? What about depleted uranium and high risk projects such as mixed-oxid fuel (MOX)? What about nuclear weapons? Are they also part of the waste problem? What solutions are there? What role should the EURATOM Treaty and IAEA have? Should the environmental movement suggest solutions or only to give views on suggestions made by the nuclear industry?

Our hope is that these and many other questions concerning nuclear waste will be examined during the conference.

All interested individuals and organisations that want to influence these crucial issues are welcome to attend.

For more information contact Jan Ternhag at, tel. +46 (0) 8-84 14 90, mobile +46 (0) 70-365 4430, or Skype: resochspring

Map to Piperska Muren

Karta till Piperka Muren

Map to ABF-huset
Karta till ABF-huset