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20/20 Vision (United States)

A Primer In The Art of Deception (United States)

Ace Hoffman...

Ace Hoffman's Nuclear Failures Reports

Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility (United States)

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility (United States)

Ecologia (China, Russia and United States)

Epic Energy Labs

Federation of American Scientists (Unites States)

Footprints for Peace (Austrailia and United States)

Friends of the Earth (United States)

Indigenous Environmental Network (United States)

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (United States)

Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force (United States)

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Nuclear Control Institute (United States)

Nuclear Information Resource Service (NIRS) (United States) (United States)

Proposition One (United States)

Public Citizen (United States)

Radioactive Waste Management Associates (United States)

Report Of The President's Commission On The Accident At Three Mile Island (United States)

Rocky Mountain Institute (United States)

The Government Accountability Project (GAP) (United States)

The Hanford Downwinders Litigation Information Resource

The LAWS Project for Nuclear Awareness (PNA) (United States)

The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (United States)

The U.S. Nuclear Weapons Cost Study Project

Three Mile Island Alert (United States)

Union of Concerned Scientists (United States)

Worldwatch Institute (United States)