Chemical Weapons Dumped After 2nd World War


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300,000  tonnes of CHEMICAL WEAPONS were dumped in the BALTIC SEA after the Second World War!

Now there are plans to build a gas-pipeline between Russia (Viborg)  and Germany (Greifswald) – which will need to tear up and clear a  500 km long  and  400 meters wide track across the ocean bottom. Is that really wise? Even very small amounts of the stuff we (our western civilisation) dumped there can stil (and does still!) hurt people…

Sweden (and who knows which other countries?) has also dumped radioactive waste into the Baltic Sea (proof exists!) – are we sure it is a good idea, to disturb the stuff?  Did anybody investigate…  The stuff is still down there!

The same concern goes for the electric cable – being planned between Finland and Russia!

Thanks to Alina – in Latvia – for sending this material,  and for the summaric translation of the russian article (see on the back side!)  From -  Per Hegelund (

Map of Chemical Weapons Buried in the Baltic Sea

Digest of the interview with the Belorussian professor Mikhail Tyavlovsky

(published in the Latvia-based newspaper “Vesti Segodnya” (ВестиСегодня),
03.12.2004, author: Igor Meiden)

- summarized and translated by  Alina Petropavlovska, Riga – Latvia.

M. Tyavlovsky has been working on the problem of chemical weapons dumped at the bottom of the Baltic Sea after WWII since 1967.

“People still think that the drowned chemical weapons don’t make any hazard, while only at the bottom of the Baltic Sea about 303 000 tons of chemical warfare agents are located. Metal containers with chemicals have been attacked by corrosion over the decades. Certain calculations claim that in case of a simultaneous release of these chemicals, which can happen already in a few years’ time, even 10 per cent of poisonous agents located in the World ocean will be enough to destroy life on the planet.

“Talking about the Baltic Sea region, the most deplorable situation is in Skagerrak strait, where practically all containers with chemical warfare agents have rusted through. Toxic chemicals like mustard gas, sarin, lewisite, soman have already leaked into the waters of the Baltic Sea in form of liquid jelly. As the chemicals rise to upper layers of the sea, they kill phytoplankton that serves as food to living organisms. When the chemicals reach the surface of the water, they vaporize.

“Back in 1960’s the English geneticist Charlotte Auerbach discovered that a whole range of chemical warfare agents, primarily mustard gas, cause upsets in living creatures’ genetic systems, the so called mutagenesis. Theoretically, 1-2 molecules of mustard gas or lewisite are enough to cause mental or physical abnormalities in the 3-4th generation. Latest researches carried out by British scientists show that at the molecular level mustard gas has carcinogenic and mutagenic qualities.

“We in Byelorussia  have patented 32 different techniques for lifting even leaking, rusted containers with chemical warfare agents. A lot of countries, including Russia, are talking about using cement “sarcophaguses” – that is covering chemical weapons with special cement. However, this will only postpone the problem, rather than solve it in the long term”.

END  of this very brief summary.

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