Olle Holmstrand

Olov HolmstrandOlov Holmstrand, The Waste Network (Avfallskedjan), Sweden.

Topic: (Panel) The Environmental Consequences of Final Storage Schemes
Date: Saturday 28 April 2007, 12:00-13:00.
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E-mail: olle.holmstrand (@) swipnet.se
Website: www.avfallskedjan.se


Biographical Notes

Olov Holmstrand, born in 1943, is a civil engineer with a PhD in Engineering Geology. He has worked as a researcher and consultant since the late 1960s. Much of his work has concerned hydrogeology and siting, particularly sanitary landfills. At the same time, since the middle of the 1970s, he has been active in several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Sweden, including No To Uranium Mining (Nejtilluranbrytning) The Waste Network (Avfallskedjan), both networks of local concerned citizens groups dealing with plans for uranium mining and siting plans for a nuclear waste management facility. He has made numerous visits to local groups, participated in meetings and seminars, and written many reports and statements.